Monday, July 20, 2015


“Someday” is a disease that strips the individual from his or her ultimate potential. To say “ I will do that Someday” or “I will embark on that all important life-altering direction in my life Someday” is actually admitting “that day will never come.” Someday is an excuse not to begin something but to have it always there just in case Someday comes. Someday is the disease of eternal procrastination especially when it concerns the work of advancing the Kingdom of Christ and His Crown Rights over all the earth.

The reasons for appealing to “Someday” are many. At times fear uses the “Someday” excuse while knowing deep down that “Someday” will never come.  Sometimes a lack of conviction that the project desired for “Someday” is the right thing. In this case it is better that “Someday” never comes. However, if the project is justifiable, neglecting its execution may simply be the result of sloth. At other times lack of faith or opportunity moves that “Someday” further and further into the future until there is no longer any future to move it to. In this case the old adage is true; “Someday never comes.”

The Time Is Now

If what is proposed for “Someday” is right and good, then the time to act is now. When the “Someday Proposition” is for the service and advancement of the Kingdom of Christ the time to act is not only now, it is overdue. Yesterday is no longer an option to begin since that day is gone, never to be redeemed again. Nor is tomorrow and option since tomorrow never really comes. The time to act is now. The time to make that move is now.

"Now" is attainable – “Someday” is not.

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Metaphorical Shedding of Innocent Blood by the State

Innocence Sacrificed to Government Schools

Man, by being created in the image of God has an a priori knowledge of God. He begins with a conscience whereby he intuitively knows right from wrong, good from evil. In his natural state, however, he suppresses that knowledge in unrighteousness. Now two things can happen to that individual especially when it is in its innocence as a child: Its rebellious nature can be enforced or it can be mortified.

Since all educational constructs hold to a particular set of worldviews, either God-centered or man-centered, it cannot be neutral. It will either affirm God or deny Him.
Children are susceptible to outside influences either good or evil.Education will either reinforce one or the other. While children are prone to evil by the fall, that evil can be mortified by a Godly environment. Even within an environment of moralism, and their education based upon traditional standards of right and wrong, the child is better off since an ethical upbringing resonates with the child in later years.

What is Actually Taught In Government Schools?

● Man is the source of all knowledge – Not God. Man is the measure of all things.
● There is no such thing as sin. Man simply makes mistakes.|
● Divine revelation is a religious myth and Biblical infallibility is impossible.
● Jesus was a good man and a moral teacher like Gandhi, Buddha, Confucius and others but not God incarnate.
● It is man that decides what is right and wrong, good and evil, culturally acceptable or unacceptable.
● The child is taught that there is no such thing as absolutes and that empirical reality (those things that can been seen or scientifically proven) is the only reality. God is not the source of truth, wisdom or ethics. Epistemologically, everything is relative.
● The impact of secular humanism via modernism and postmodernism has all but destroyed any hope of a moral society outside the intervention of God.

Replacement, Not Reform

The government schools do not need reform, they need to be replaced. From the beginning they have sworn to educate from a humanist, Marxists, Socialistic platform, and they have been very successful. Reform is not the answer. Replacement is.

The agenda of Statist education, however, is not complete. Now the captains of the culture's re-alignment downward are implementing curricular which applauds alternate lifestyles and sexual perversions which God has condemned and which history shows to be the final leg of destruction for a nation.

Christians everywhere must object with action. Words are not effective. To do this there needs to be alternative Christian-based home education which is supported by the church and para-church organizations. If your church refuses to implement support it is time to depart from that church. Those churches are part of the problem since they have rejected God's commission to be part of the solution.

It is time to exodus from Egypt so that the saints may enter into the promised land of true liberty and spare the nation from utter calamity.

Friday, July 10, 2015


Why are so many individuals, especially Christians vague as to their life's purpose?
Why are so many wasting precious time, the majority of which don't even know they are wasting it?

What distinguishes the dreamers from the doers; the arm chair warriors from the ones who are actually on the front lines of cultural dominion change God-ward?

The answer is simple: Definition!

Defining ones direction and purpose is the key to being effective in life.Without definition an individual remains misguided, tossed by every emotional whim and situation that presents itself. Once an individual defines his life's directions and purpose, he (or she) becomes focused and productive. Definition introduces objectives perhaps never before realized. It is the foundation of every strategy and tactic.Once goals are defined and objectives are isolated productivity results.

The Rat Race is only for Rats

Those who run the rat race have failed to see the big picture. They have failed to look into the Word of God in order to identify that they are like the man whom Christ condemns for building barn after barn after barn, only to find himself loosing his own soul in the end; his goods distributed among strangers.

Define Your Life

Life is more than working the 40-50 hour work-week only to be emotionally, spiritually and intellectually drained of all stamina for the Kingdom's work. Work cannot be the beginning and the end of life. While it is needful for mankind to work, even commanded, the end of the Christian life is not simply work, it is vocation within and apart from that 9 to 5 work-day.


If the Kingdom of God is going to advance, and the culture reversing itself from its grave yard spiral downward into total degeneracy, Christians must being to sacrifice the security of a big paycheck and a retirement pension for the building of The Kingdom.

That sacrifice is the True Liberation.