Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Hamster Wheel

One of the strategies of the Monolithic State is "Time Appropriation." If the State can commandeer the Christian's time by forcing him to devote all of his time to mere survival via making just enough money to live, the State then can thwart any move for Christian Reconstruction from being realized.

If all your time is taken up with work just to survive and pay bills you cannot redeem any time for the things of the Kingdom unless your work is being used specifically for Kingdom advancement. Without a targeted plan that situation, however, is not usually the norm. Too may Christians have failed to use their careers in such a way as to advance the Kingdom and have thereby set themselves up to run the "Hamster Wheel" just to make ends meet,l or in some cases to buy more stuff.

In order to keep Godly men and their families on the hamster wheel the State continues to impose every type of taxation upon them. This is the theology of unlawful taxation; feed the State so that it can continue to perpetuate its religion of secular humanism on its people and its demands of its monolithic ideology through legislation and coercion, to be as God.

In this way time is appropriated by the demands of the State. They not only own your time, they own you. But if that is not enough to make you furious they also own your future and if this pattern is not broken they will also own your children's future.

Redeeming the Time

Time is more important than money. Flexibility is more important than money. Your family cf Deuteronomy 8:18 This is precisely why the Scripture commands us to redeem time and not money per se, for the days are evil. Ephesians 5:16 and its future is more important than money. And of course the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven is more important everything. Money is important only if it is used Biblically.

The Christian that finds him or herself on the State's hamster wheel must make a conscience decision to be liberated from its cyclical prison. The question is not how much money can we make, or how many things we can buy, but how many things have we done for the Kingdom. How productive were we in our lifetime for the Glory of God and the Gospel's advance? It's never a question of how much money do we want but rather how much money do we really need, and to what purpose do we use our finances. It is a fact that the blind quest for cash is a fools errand. Working for mere wages without a Kingdom plan is folly and vexation of spirit.

Define Your Purpose

Too many within the Christian community go through life without a clear definition of its meaning. Too may do not really have an active life plan based upon Scriptural mandates. For them life is passive. There is no real life's design God-ward. What is more discouraging is too many Christians fail to realize that they are commissioned to make an impact in the world for the Glory of God and not merely for the glory and financial success of themselves. The question that each of us must ask is "What is our contribution to the Kingdom's advance?" If we cannot answer this then we have not contributed to its advancement and we must then rethink our entire life's purpose and whether or not Christ is the central hub or life.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Philosophy of New Geneva, its Library and the Re-calibration of the Culture

Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond, Founder of New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy, and the Institute for Theonomic Reformation, discusses how God's people and God's churches are to be the salt and light - especially on issues affecting our culture and our government.


Friday, November 6, 2015

Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond on "How does the Church impact the State."

 Rev Dr Paul Michael Raymond is interviewed on the Morning Line on WLNI Radio, Lynchburg Virginia with George Caylor


Monday, July 20, 2015


“Someday” is a disease that strips the individual from his or her ultimate potential. To say “ I will do that Someday” or “I will embark on that all important life-altering direction in my life Someday” is actually admitting “that day will never come.” Someday is an excuse not to begin something but to have it always there just in case Someday comes. Someday is the disease of eternal procrastination especially when it concerns the work of advancing the Kingdom of Christ and His Crown Rights over all the earth.

The reasons for appealing to “Someday” are many. At times fear uses the “Someday” excuse while knowing deep down that “Someday” will never come.  Sometimes a lack of conviction that the project desired for “Someday” is the right thing. In this case it is better that “Someday” never comes. However, if the project is justifiable, neglecting its execution may simply be the result of sloth. At other times lack of faith or opportunity moves that “Someday” further and further into the future until there is no longer any future to move it to. In this case the old adage is true; “Someday never comes.”

The Time Is Now

If what is proposed for “Someday” is right and good, then the time to act is now. When the “Someday Proposition” is for the service and advancement of the Kingdom of Christ the time to act is not only now, it is overdue. Yesterday is no longer an option to begin since that day is gone, never to be redeemed again. Nor is tomorrow and option since tomorrow never really comes. The time to act is now. The time to make that move is now.

"Now" is attainable – “Someday” is not.

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Metaphorical Shedding of Innocent Blood by the State

Innocence Sacrificed to Government Schools

Man, by being created in the image of God has an a priori knowledge of God. He begins with a conscience whereby he intuitively knows right from wrong, good from evil. In his natural state, however, he suppresses that knowledge in unrighteousness. Now two things can happen to that individual especially when it is in its innocence as a child: Its rebellious nature can be enforced or it can be mortified.

Since all educational constructs hold to a particular set of worldviews, either God-centered or man-centered, it cannot be neutral. It will either affirm God or deny Him.
Children are susceptible to outside influences either good or evil.Education will either reinforce one or the other. While children are prone to evil by the fall, that evil can be mortified by a Godly environment. Even within an environment of moralism, and their education based upon traditional standards of right and wrong, the child is better off since an ethical upbringing resonates with the child in later years.

What is Actually Taught In Government Schools?

● Man is the source of all knowledge – Not God. Man is the measure of all things.
● There is no such thing as sin. Man simply makes mistakes.|
● Divine revelation is a religious myth and Biblical infallibility is impossible.
● Jesus was a good man and a moral teacher like Gandhi, Buddha, Confucius and others but not God incarnate.
● It is man that decides what is right and wrong, good and evil, culturally acceptable or unacceptable.
● The child is taught that there is no such thing as absolutes and that empirical reality (those things that can been seen or scientifically proven) is the only reality. God is not the source of truth, wisdom or ethics. Epistemologically, everything is relative.
● The impact of secular humanism via modernism and postmodernism has all but destroyed any hope of a moral society outside the intervention of God.

Replacement, Not Reform

The government schools do not need reform, they need to be replaced. From the beginning they have sworn to educate from a humanist, Marxists, Socialistic platform, and they have been very successful. Reform is not the answer. Replacement is.

The agenda of Statist education, however, is not complete. Now the captains of the culture's re-alignment downward are implementing curricular which applauds alternate lifestyles and sexual perversions which God has condemned and which history shows to be the final leg of destruction for a nation.

Christians everywhere must object with action. Words are not effective. To do this there needs to be alternative Christian-based home education which is supported by the church and para-church organizations. If your church refuses to implement support it is time to depart from that church. Those churches are part of the problem since they have rejected God's commission to be part of the solution.

It is time to exodus from Egypt so that the saints may enter into the promised land of true liberty and spare the nation from utter calamity.

Friday, July 10, 2015


Why are so many individuals, especially Christians vague as to their life's purpose?
Why are so many wasting precious time, the majority of which don't even know they are wasting it?

What distinguishes the dreamers from the doers; the arm chair warriors from the ones who are actually on the front lines of cultural dominion change God-ward?

The answer is simple: Definition!

Defining ones direction and purpose is the key to being effective in life.Without definition an individual remains misguided, tossed by every emotional whim and situation that presents itself. Once an individual defines his life's directions and purpose, he (or she) becomes focused and productive. Definition introduces objectives perhaps never before realized. It is the foundation of every strategy and tactic.Once goals are defined and objectives are isolated productivity results.

The Rat Race is only for Rats

Those who run the rat race have failed to see the big picture. They have failed to look into the Word of God in order to identify that they are like the man whom Christ condemns for building barn after barn after barn, only to find himself loosing his own soul in the end; his goods distributed among strangers.

Define Your Life

Life is more than working the 40-50 hour work-week only to be emotionally, spiritually and intellectually drained of all stamina for the Kingdom's work. Work cannot be the beginning and the end of life. While it is needful for mankind to work, even commanded, the end of the Christian life is not simply work, it is vocation within and apart from that 9 to 5 work-day.


If the Kingdom of God is going to advance, and the culture reversing itself from its grave yard spiral downward into total degeneracy, Christians must being to sacrifice the security of a big paycheck and a retirement pension for the building of The Kingdom.

That sacrifice is the True Liberation.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Countering the Revisionists

To forget the past is to be doomed in the future.

Historical revisionism is one of the most effective tools of totalitarianism known to man.
If tyrants can change the past, they can control the future. That is what is happening to America by way of the Government education system in the discipline of history.

The humanists teach history as a discipline which has no purpose, direction, goal or cosmic meaning. History, to the uninformed eye, is merely a catalog of people, places, dates and events, all knit together by chance. There is no mention of Western civilizations Christ-center influence of heritage let alone the reality that God has anything to do with history.

The study of history is further perverted and discouraged by making it boring, and as a result many Americans either have an indifference to history or are plagued with historical amnesia. Once that happens it is easy to revise the truth.

This is why it is so vital that the the integrity of history, as it is to be studied accurately with meaning, purpose, direction and goals is to be recaptured and retained.

Entrepreneur, businessman and producer Mr. Bill Heid has challenged the revisionists with his G.A. Henty audio dramatization series CDs.

In light of the recent events denying the importance of Abraham's War of Aggression against the Southern States in 1860, the meaning of the event, its flag, its people and the fallout after the war this audio production is of great interest to both parent, teacher and student.

Press Release: http://withleeinvirginia.com/media-kit/#press-kit

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Property Taxation Is Property Confiscation

In light of the unbridled wickedness of the Appomattox county supervisors I was compelled to write this second letter of rebuke and warning to the editor of our local newspaper. He graciously printed it.

To the Editor:

The Hebrew word for “Landmark” is actually the word “Boundary”. Before the extensive use of fences, landed property was marked out by stones or posts, set up so as to ascertain the divisions of family estates. There are still remnants of these posts found in Appomattox. Without fences, however, it was easy to remove one of these landmarks, and set it in a different place; and thus the dishonest man could enlarged his own estate by confiscating that of his neighbor’s. So sacred were landmarks and landholdings among the Romans that any violation of those boundary markers could result in death.

The Scripture warns, “Cursed be he that removes his neighbor’s landmark. And all the people shall say, Amen.” (De 27:17) Historically landmarks were used to section off property boundaries of private ownership. These were not to be moved for any reason, except perhaps if a portion of the property was to be legitimately sold to another by mutual concession.

Landmarks and borders act as a protection against property confiscation. They are safeguards, in behalf of the property owner, against any outside individual, institution OR State’s arbitrary confiscation of that property. In fact, according to Scripture, family property could not be sold without disinheriting the next generation. That was forbidden. It is in this way that property is directly tied to the family and the family’s healthy continuity throughout many generations.

The confiscation of property is a direct attack upon the family and a move to disinherit it from its rightful, and God given, inheritance. It was for this reason that Naboth would not sell his field to Ahab.(1 Kings 21:1-3) Today’s inheritance confiscation however, comes in the form of property taxation. Taxation is the gradual confiscation of private property. Many people who own their homes are paying what almost amounts to a rental fee in taxes; and, it seems, in Appomattox recently, the end is not yet near.

Whenever property taxes are increased it is the same as removing the property landmark resulting in the legitimate landowner owning less and less of his original landholdings. This is a clear and dangerous violation of Scripture and a blatant violation of ethical integrity. While property taxation may be legal it doesn’t make it right. Fredrick Bastiate called property taxation “legalized plunder”.

Yet, not only is the gradual confiscation of land through taxation theft and an attempt to ultimately disinherit the family of their economic security and generational succession, it is an assault against the very Covenant of God Who correlates liberty with property ownership.
Governing officials have a responsibility to protect the property owners from any and every form of confiscation by taxation. What seems to be the norm has become the exception. Those sworn to protect property ownership have become the plunderers. Theologian, historian and economist Dr. Gary North is crystal clear as the proper role of government leaders.

“The State is required by God to defend the legal boundaries that establish private property, not invade these boundaries in an illegitimate messianic quest to bring positive sanctions to the poor. The civil magistrate is figuratively to stand inside the boundaries beside the property owner to defend him against any threat of invasion by a non-owner. He is not to stand outside the boundaries by the side of the non owner; threatening to invade. Defenders of the welfare state reject this view of the civil magistrate. Because so many of these defenders are orthodox theologians and church leaders, Christian social theory today is either non existence i.e. baptized humanism, or under minded by humanism.”

The root of property taxation is covetousness. Ahab and Jezebel were insatiably covetous. When they saw that they could not coerce Naboth to sell his field they killed him. They disinherited his family lineage through murderous means. It was because of this that God brought down a heavy sentence upon them both. God hasn’t changed since. He will vindicate the rightful property owners from every form of confiscation.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The U-Tube Prophesy Initiative by Dennis Woods Part 2

Thus, this particular YouTube category is a strategic battlefield where many of the dispensational, Premillennials can be engaged, challenged and won to an optimistic, perspective.   With the wane of Premillennialism, other Dispensational assumptions may also be called into question like a row of falling dominoes.

This is where the Dispies hang out.  Many of these first-page videos have huge viewership.  A few of our selections have over 2-1/2 million views.  Not surprising, because books about Bible prophecy are the largest category of books sold in the Christian market.  Dispensationalists like to point out that about ¼ (26.8%) of the Bible is prophecy (4).

Thus, it is a great recruiting ground, that is for the most part being left unplowed.  Postmillennialists have yet to appear on the field.  We can no longer afford to ignore this opportunity.  Starting from the Premill’s point of interest in the prophetic Scripture, the discussion/debate can be easily expanded to encompass various aspects of covenant, cultural application. 

To get the ball rolling The YouTube Prophecy Initiative entered a postmillennial response to 40 key videos during the months of October and November, 2014 under the username “AntiFederalist.” 

After two months we tallied the response and found that a substantial number remained near the top of the comment pile for a surprisingly long time.  Here are the metrics for the first 33, when they had been posted between one and nine weeks during Phase I:

  • Sixteen of 33 posts were still in the top 7 screens,
  • But 9 of 33 had been removed,
  • That left 5 further than 7 screens down, most in the 7-20 screen range,
  • Seven of 33 had received unsolicited replies.
We discovered that the videos fall into a  handful of categories based on the structure of the Premillennial model.  The general topics include: 

  • End-Time Preachers:  Hagee, Martin, Lahaye,  MacArthur, Lindsey, Haller, Anderson, Van Impe, Wilkerson, Randolph,
  • End-Time Movies:  Left Behind, The Remaining,
  • End-Time Characters:  AntiChrist, Beast, Abomination of Desolation, Nephilim
  • End-Time Timeline:    Prophecy, Bible prophecy, Rapture, Great Tribulation, Second Coming, Israel. 
  • End-Time Signs:  Dispensationalism,  Premillennialism,
Ideally, comments should be relatively short, but we’ve succumbed to the temptation to enter longer, article-length posts.  The advantage of these new posts is that they remain visible to the casual scanner, not buried in the 2nd tier of interaction, although that interchange is definitely needed also.  We have given most of them a provocative, ALL-CAPS headline in the upper left corner. Things like;

·         MOVIE REVIEW:

All readers are invited to join Phase II of  The YouTube Prophecy Initiative. The next phase is to
engage specific comments near the top of the list for each video in order to stimulate an interaction.  This may seem daunting at first, but after jumping in you may  find it somewhat addictive.  You may choose to support an interaction already underway.  You’ll probably begin to feel that you MUST do battle with this avalanche of false doctrine that is crippling the church.   It makes a great activity for Sunday afternoon or an evening.

Scan the following list of YouTube videos and choose a few of special interest to you.  Simply copy and paste the title into the YouTube search box and you will be taken instantly to the video.  Comments appear directly below, where you can scan the first several screens for a debate in progress or start one of your own by simply responding to some Premillennial comment near the top of the pile.
65 Selected Premillenial Video Title Listings
End-Time Preachers:  Hagee, Martin, Lahaye,  MacArthur,
Lindsey, Haller, Anderson, Van Impe, Wilkerson, Randolph:

David Wilkerson’s last sermon on the last days
Glenn Beck & John Hagee End Time Bible Prophecies      
Hagee Hotline:  John Hagee on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine (March 4, 2014)
4 Blood Moons by John Hagee (9/27/2014)
Pastor Hagee:  Crisis in Ukraine is Beginning of the End of the World
The End Times: Ten Upcoming Events in Bible Prophecy - Charlie Campbell [Removed]
Dr. Walter Martin: The Tribulation & the Church, PT 1 of 6
Pastor Anderson Reveals Pre-Trib Rapture Deception
Hal Lindsey – The Rapture
Pastor Steven Anderson "The Book of Revelation: Chapter 1 of 22"
TBN Praise the Lord With Tim LaHaye, Irvin Baxter, and Rick Joyner
The End of the World – Revelation 1....Stephen Anderson
Larry Randolph Prophetic Word From Voice of the Prophets
Jack Van Impe – Was Isis Prophesied For End of Days?
Why Every Calvinist Should Be a Premillennialist - John MacArthur
Chuck Missler - Biblical UFO's and the Coming Deception
Dave Hunt – Last Days Bible Prophecy:  all nations against Israel 

End-Time Movies:  Left Behind, The Remaining:

Left Behind Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Nicolas Cage Movie HD [apparently removed]
Left Behind Official Trailer (2013) Nicolas Cage, Thriller HD
The Remaining Official Trailer 1 (2014) – Alexa Vega Horror Movie HD
The Remaining Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Alexa Vega Horror Movie HD
Left Behind - Official First Clip (2014) Nicolas Cage Movie HD [Removed]
Left Behind 2014 Official Trailer + Trailer Review – Nicholas Cage:  Beyond the Trailer
The End Times – Entire Movie
After the Tribulation- The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Fraud Exposed Official Movie

End-Time Characters:  AntiChrist, Beast,

Abomination of Desolation, Nephilim:

Book Of Daniel: 7 HEADS, 10 HORNS PROPHECY Fullfilled NOW~!!
Abomination of Desolation Finally revealed

The Antichrist:  End of the World [Removed]
America In Bible Prophecy – Second Beast of Revelation 13
Who is the Beast In the Book of Revelation?
Come Out Of Her, My People!
An Urgent Prophetic Warning – Suzette’s Dream
Nephilim Giants Prophesied Date of Return
Nephilim:  True Story of Satan, Fallen Angels, Giants, Aliens, Hybrids, Elongated Skulls & Nephilim
Identity of the Antichrist Revealed
The Name of the AntiChrist 666
Is the Antichrist alive today?
America In Bible Prophecy | Satan’s Global Liaison
End-time biblical signs and beginning of sorrows: July – August 2014

End-Time Timeline:    Prophecy, Bible prophecy,
Rapture, Great Tribulation, Second Coming, Israel:

Dispensational Premillennial Timeline
719 Settling the Pre, Mid and Post Tribulation Controversy Part 1
Pretrib Rapture Lie Put the Church to Sleep
Documentary Explaining End Times – What The Bible Has To Say
Israel Invades Gaza – Bible Prophecy Reveals Coming Devastation
It’s All Part of the Plan:  2016 – The Great Tribulation
Israel Fulfilling Bible Prophecy
Armageddon Countdown – Pastor Doug Batchelor
26 Prophetic Events In Exact Sequence Before Christ’s Return
John MacArthur - Daniel 9 (interpreting Bible prophecy literally)
The Rapture John MacArthur
Great signs Part 1 Will Tribulation begin 2015, 2016, 2017

End-Time Signs:  Dispensationalism,  Premillennislism:

The Veil is Lifting in all Realms - prophetic events September 2014 (timeline)
2014 Breaking News CMM Bible prophecy current events last days news [removed]
October 2014 Breaking News The final hour Last Days End Time Prophecy Update
Bible Prophecy Is Happening Now – 2014-2015
Earth changing end time signs and events 2014-2015 prophecy has begun
Signs of The End of the world 2013 MUST SEE!!!
Endtime biblical signs and beginning of sorrows – February 2013
The beginning of sorrows- MAJOR WORLD EVENT HAPPENING NOW 2014
Forum on the Millennialium
The Master Key to Bible Prophecy
40 Signs Jesus Is Coming
End-time biblical signs and beginning of sorrows: July – August 2014

These videos were selected on the basis of three primary criteria:  1) 1st page YouTube, 2) relatively large number of views, and 3) relatively small number of comments.  There are currently very few Postmillennial comments under any of these videos. 

As few as 10-20 Postmillennial advocates could dominate the first-page debate on key YouTube videos in the key prophetic categories.  They would stand out like a beacon in the sea of Premillennial disinformation.  These video sites can become a hotbed of Premillennial / Postmillennial debate.    

This can be done with surprisingly little effort.  20 people devoting 15-30 minutes a week to these posts could have a dramatic effect.  The impact is exponential because they will reinforce each other’s comments and help out on difficult questions.  Plus, it seems that  active or lengthy interaction gets pushed higher in the stream of comments or stays higher longer and is less likely to be deleted. 

Rules of Engagement
  • Try to keep posts short, about 2 or 3 paragraphs.  Short also has the advantage of forcing your readers to focus on a single topic.  If you present 3-4 ideas, they can choose to focus on one and ignore the rest.  Better to come back later with other points.
  • Be polite and respectful, even when provoked.  If somebody starts name calling, it’s usually best to just point out “tsk, tsk…an ad hominem attack.  If you don’t have a good argument you can always fall back on name-calling.”  Constantly ask yourself, “Am I in help mode or in attack mode?”
  • We don’t have to be churlish when the truth is so obviously on our side.  All we have to do is state the truth and ask a question.  Questions are good.  Here’s an example:
OK, you are saying the Great Tribulation is in our future.  The big question is:  Does the Bible place the Great Tribulation in OUR future?

Could you please look at Luke 21:36 - Jesus concluding statement in the Olivette Discourse -- and tell me if you agree or disagree with this observation:

Jesus told the 12 apostles to pray that THEY could escape all the events of the Olivette Discourse He had just enumerated, therefore these events (including the Great Tribulation (Lk 21:22 = Mt 24:21) all occurred during the lifetime of the 12 apostles in the 1st Century.  Would you agree or disagree?

 Luke 21:36 in New ASV reads:  "But keep on the alert at all times, praying in order that you may have strength to escape all these things that are about to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man."

  • After you feel comfortable in the pool of 65 selected videos feel free to branch out on your own into a few other premillennial video sites not listed.  Once you’ve elicited some response invite others to join you.
  • Sometimes a more aggressive than usual post can provoke some good interaction, as long as it is directed to the Premillennial theory in general and not to an individual. For example….
The pervading spirit of this video is that of the 10 spies who brought back an evil report to Moses.  Woe is us -- it's the beginning of sorrows.  Stop whining -- that was before the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple (Lk 21:36) -- 2000 years ago.  The Bible promises that in "the last days" before the 2nd Coming the nations  "will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks" (Is 2:1-4).  The "last days"  IS before the 2nd Coming.

But this movie is all about doom & gloom, the giants are too big and the walls are too high.  Is it any wonder that God is bringing judgment on this generation of faithless Christians who strip Him of his Kingship until some indefinite point in the future and refuse His Great Commission.  As if the all-powerful Christ is incapable of seeing to it that most of the nations are discipled, not destroyed.

  • Always conclude every post with a statement like:  For more information read “Last Days Madness” by Gary DeMar, “The Beast of Revelation” by Ken Gentry, and “Paradise Restored” by David Chilton.   Or substitute your favorites.
  • Be on the lookout for opportunities to minister to spiritual need.  For example….
DogLover705 AJ  “I am a child, and I am not religious  will I be taken and redeemed if I ask jesus and god into my heart, my parents also refuse to take me to church, someone help me”

“Yes, Jesus said that everybody must humble themselves and have the faith of a child to receive the kingdom of heaven.  Paul the apostle said that, ‘whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.’  The wages of sin is death and Hell.  Pray to Him in faith believing that Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for your sins so you don’t have to go to Hell when you die.  At that moment God the judge will declare you not guilty.  Then read the Bible as though it was a letter to you form God your Father.  There are other friendly people on this site to talk to and answer your questions.  God bless you.


Postmillennialism can recover its former prominence in the prophetic world by concentrating as many supporters as possible in online discussion and criticism of key Premillennial videos.  Premillennialism must be debunked before Christians will acknowledge Christ as de facto King in the present age.  Rather than expending a lot of effort debating obscure points of eschatology, we should focus on posing Van Tillian type challenges.  Such questions challenge the autonomy of the Premillennialist for denying rationality and twisting the Word of God.
  • Jesus said “all these things will shortly take place in Luke 21: 32-36?”  On what authority are you contradicting the sworn testimony of the Son of God?
  • John told the 7 churches to whom he wrote his Revelation letter to “count the number of the Beast…666.”  How were they supposed to count the number of the Beast if he wasn’t alive in the 1st Century?  Why are you ignoring the historical context?
  • John said that Jesus is “the ruler of the kings of the earth” and that “He has made us to be a kingdom, priests to His God and Father.”  On what authority are you denying that Christ is King in the present age?
  • John told his first readers that he was writing of things that “must shortly come to pass…for the time is near.” (Rev 1:1-4).  If somebody told you that they were going to stop by your place in the near future, would you take that to mean 2,000+ years from now?  Why are you rejecting a literal interpretation of this clear time marker?
  • The Parables of the mustard seed and the leaven state clearly that the kingdom is growing gradually to fill the whole world.  On what authority are you denying the veracity of Jesus’ parables?

Let us go up at once and possess it, for we are well able to overcome them. (Numbers 13)

 A Project of New Geneva Leadership Academy
In Conjunction With www.KingsWayClassicalAcademy.com/homeschool-program,
and www.KingsWayClassicalAcademy.com/commentary


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