Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Slavery, Death and the Establishment of the Tyrant State

 The modern Nation-State has become so pervasive in its influence and intimidation by its intrusion into the private lives of its citizenry that it seems as if nothing on earth can stop it. It has truly become the Leviathan of Hobbes and the Hegelian march of God through the world.The very idea that the State is now the messianic god of modern man, and especially of the American people is repulsive.  To forget the God of Scripture is bad enough. To replace Him with the State is pure evil and will result in total destruction. Hegel put it this way:

“The Universal is to be found in the State… The State is the Divine Idea as it exists on earth…We must therefore worship the state as the manifestation of the Divine on earth, and consider that if it is difficult to comprehend nature, it is harder to grasp the Essence of the State…the State is the march of God trough the world.”

While this notion may not be consciously accepted by many, in practice it most certainly is. This holds true for saint and sinner alike. Once self government and self responsibility for one’s own well being is neglected, the State quickly moves in with promises of life, liberty and the pursuit of safety. Yet, while promising these things it can only deliver slavery, misery and death. History bears this out and is its own proof. The Hegelian Sociologist Karl Mannheim assures us that the only alternative to a planned society is chaos. This of course is fear mongering and his conclusion is not only unfounded but it is patently wrong. What he is advocating is controlled planning by the Divine State who has envisioned itself as the life giving parent of all who dwell in its domain. This is despotism in its purist form. 

It is disturbing enough that wicked humanists spew forth these ideas, but when they are held and promoted by those professing to be part of the Christian community, it gets worse. Once a perversion of the Christian religion synthesizes with the ideology of Marxism and Socialism destruction must follow. It has happened before and it can happen again if the people and their church leaders continue to remain ignorant and silent.

According to Herbert Schlossberg, “[Whenever] Christian images are merged
with Marxist conceptions, there is no depth to which the theoretician will not descend…[the] unfortunate fact [is] that there has been a loss of liberty in Communist nations and also a “liquidation” of large numbers of people…Marxism has proved to be a “powerful and efficient motor of social change. Thus history marches on and none can do nothing about the wreckage left in its trail.”

This is the “Change” that America has bought into. It is partly the fault of the government indoctrination camps called “The Pubic School”, but mostly it is the fault of the Clergy who have collectively bought into the lie of socialism, communism and Marxism, some without even knowing it.

While the clergy plan their Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Pentecost celebrations, the State is crafting new plans to ensure slavery through collectivism policies. If a proper Biblical response does not emerge soon American society may very well unravel and be placed under a fascist system of Government which will be nothing but controlling, cruel and chaotic.  

Monday, November 11, 2013


There is never any reason to shy away from the Truth of God’s Word when it comes to applying it for the sake of restructuring the culture. Admit it, American culture is unraveling. It is quickly becoming promiscuous, violent and corrupt. It is quickly growing Anti-Christian to the point where it is combative against anything that even hints at a Scriptural approach to morality, ethics, law and government. The moral fiber of American culture is disintegrating before our very eyes, and still the majority of the population refuse to acknowledge God’s Word as the way back to a civil society. 

Without God’s Word, a civilized culture could never exist. American would never had existed either. Without God’s law as the governing principle of culture, chaos would rule and justice would be unrecognizable. I am amazed how so many seemingly intelligent individuals, even those who profess some kind of Christianity, strike out against any notion for the application of God’s law in the areas of law and public policy since it was God’s Law which directly formulated Western Civilization. History bears this out clearly. To deny that history is to deny reality. Whenever Truth is neglected as the organizing principle of any culture, that culture is then based upon false-hood. The choice is simple; God’s Righteous Law of Liberty or man’s, humanistic law, of chaos and corruption.
Without the Law of God there can be no objective standard for policy. Without
God’s Law there can be no objective standard between right and wrong, good and evil. All those things will be subjected to man’s unreliable and fallible reason and will degenerate into legislation which replaces evil for good and good for evil. Even now these wicked events are  happening in America’s history and the results are disastrous.

According to Matthew Trewhella, in his book,“The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate”, “When an objective standard is thrown off, law is easily and consistently redefined by State and society. Man’s passions and desires begin to determine what is ‘lawful’. Man, makes himself the standard, and because of the nature of man, the standard changes all the time. For this reason, an objective standard of law is always and everywhere necessary; one which does not change, and which is applicable to all mankind.” 

This is why each and every faithful Christian who understands these Truths must publish them. They must publish them apologetically with passion and tenacity. If American culture is going to be righted education is key. The Law Word of God must be preached, and it must be preached comprehensively,  at every opportunity, applied to every occasion and to every institution which exists on God’s earth. “Thy Kingdom come On Earth…”

Monday, October 28, 2013

Theocracy, Theonomy and Ignorance

Every culture is a theocracy. It is ruled by some notion of a higher authority even if that authority is man. The word simply means 'God's Rule'. Every culture therefore, is religious in nature since it is based upon a certain belief system of right and wrong, which make up its laws. 
Law is the codification of religion. 

Thus, every culture is based upon a particular belief system.

The American Constitution was based upon Theocratic and Theonomic principles. Theonomy, means "God's Law". The Founders highly regarded and firmly held to the Law of God when deliberating the course of this nation, which structured the American system of Law, morality and ethics. Theocracy and theonomy are not alien to the American system of government as some may think. It is what most Americans hold to today.

Then there is ignorance. The ignorance of history and the meaning and intentions of words. The Founders wanted a God-fearing, law-abiding government. What they did not want was an Ecclesiocracy where the organized church ruled the civil sphere. However, that never translated into the Founders denying God His rightful place in the halls of Government.

The United States Constitution was crafted using  Scripture. Every concept found in the Constitution is taken from Scripture. It is a sad fact that America, as a nation, does not understand this principal truth.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Faith Without Hard Work Is Dead

There are certain characteristics which make up and define great leadership. Among these are passion, enthusiasm, confidence, and inspiration. For the Biblical leader there are a number of other characteristics which are essential, even foundational. That characteristic is faith. Although it is actually a gift from God, coming from the infusion of grace as a result of the new birth. Yet, it is also a character trait. Faith is a primary component of Biblical Leadership, and it is from this plateau that all other characteristics flow.

If one holds to the eschatological view of total and universal victory, one will labor to do all that is necessary to advance the agenda of the Kingdom of God, on earth in time and in history. This eschatological presupposition will itself inspire confidence to continue and not grow weary in the well doing of Kingdom work, no matter how incidental the work may seem.

Regardless of what that work entails it requires diligence. There is no excuse for not working hard. Leadership means hard work. Leadership is riddled with many trials and difficulties, all of which must be overcome through faith, obedience and effort. Hard work must be a major component of every leader. There is no such thing as an overnight success. True success come over many years and after many providential lessons. Genuine leadership embraces hard work.

It has been said that “read leaders rise early, read more communicate with many, plan ahead, organize others delegate appropriately, and push themselves to stay engaged.” 1

 Commentary by Mike Montague, Entrepreneur Magazine, September 2013

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Passion Sharing

“You cannot teach hunger.” This is an old saying but especially true in the realm of Christianity. If an individual has not been regenerated by God the Holy Spirit, it doesn’t matter what you do, you will never be able to get that individual to embrace Kingdom Advancement. Biblical passion comes from God not from nagging, begging or threatening. If God is at work in the heart of the individual, that individual will be motivated to diligent and devoted service.

Share Your Passion

Passion sharing is a like a fact finding mission. You share your passion for the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom with as many professing Christians as possible and see who “bites”. It is as simple as that. Just share your passion. Don’t nag. Don’t beg. Don’t even encourage. Just share, and let God do the rest.

Find the Proper Kingdom Niche

Among those that actually have the Spirit’s induced passion for the Crown
Rights of the King and the advancement of His Kingdom, will not exhibit it in the same manner. Not everyone shares the same Kingdom niche even though they share the same Kingdom passion. In fact, the areas for which they are  passionate about may not always coincide with yours. But that is not the point. The purpose of sharing your passion for the Kingdom is to find different  people with different “kingdom specifics” and encourage them to get to work with concrete strategies. This is what makes the Body of Christ unique. Everyone is called to a particular Kingdom niche. The Many, passionately working in various areas are actually working as One, in harmonious unison, for the ultimate Kingdom Glory. You are simply stoking the embers of their passion by sharing the flame your passion. 

The goal of Passion Sharing is to find as many different people as possible who can take upon themselves different areas of the culture that  need Christian reconstruction. If these folks have the passion of Christ they will be moved by Christ to undertake the necessary tasks for the fulfillment of the dominion mandate.

Refine Your Own Niche

You cannot do everything and you certainly cannot change everything God-ward. Furthermore you do not know everything. There will always be someone who knows more than you and who has a greater sphere of influence than you. Do not try to be the kingpin of Kingdom Advancement. Kingdom passion must be refined to each individual. This is where you must find your own niche and develop it. Don’t look at everyone else or what everyone else is doing. They have their niche. Now you need to find yours. Honing your particular skill will make you a master at it. This gives you a greater scope of influence and measure of power within your particular sphere of influence.

Grow Organically

Never stop learning. If the passion of the Holy Spirit is at work in you, He will stretch and refine  you. This is essential to the well-being of the Mission of the Kingdom.  There are many ways by which God teaches us.
 First, God teaches us by way of His Word. We must be in constant study of His Commandments and Precepts. This is our standard of Law and Order without which we are adrift in the sea of humanistic chaos. 

Second, God teaches us by way of providence. We must be careful to assess what God is teaching us so we may profit from both positive and negative events.

Third, God teaches us through conversations with others of a Kingdom Mindset. As iron sharpeneth Iron, we can learn much from our fellow laborers. Despise not the knowledge or wisdom of others whom God has refined and groomed.

Fourth, God teaches us through insults and oppositions from the unregenerate. Never brush off entirely the words and objections of the wicked. Providentially, even they have something to teach us. Like Shimei who cursed King David, so too have these been moved by God to curse us. Learn from it.

Fifth, God teaches us by way of our mistakes, and the mistakes of others. We need to be sensitive to these as they are very powerful lessons for us to profit thereby. 

Be Inclusive A very real problem within Christendom is the tendency to be
introspective and exclusive. Ministries tend to fell as if theirs is the only faithful tool God is using. Many feels as if theirs is the best, or the most influential, or the most profitable,  or the wealthiest, or the most popular, or they have the best conference speakers. These attitudes are destroying any possibility of unity and Kingdom advancement. While they seek to advance the Kingdom of God they are in reality stifling any real progress altogether. If the Christian community refuses to work together they will fall apart.

Passion Sharing includes and equips everyone motivated by God’s Spirit to give their all for the Kingdom’s Glory. An army of many must be built. It must be comprised of all kinds of soldiers from all walks of life, with various skills and knowledge, working in Biblical harmony with one another for the ONE Who has commissioned them to the battle. IN this way, and in this way only can the Dominion Mandate be realized.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Concrete Ideas

We all have ideas. In fact our minds come up with a myriad of ideas each and every day. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Many of them are simply fleeting thoughts and whimsical prospects which never see the light of day. That is to say these never come to fruition. However, those ideas which are actually developed, resulting in something tangible and usable, move both individuals and society forward so that they may become more productive. In order for ideas to become usable they must move from the abstract to the concrete. Abstract ideas are intellectual fantasies which amount to nothing.

Creative Thinking

Creativity is one of God’s communicable attributes. Man is a creative being. Man creates for many reasons. Either he is creating something to make him more money or something that will simply make his life easier or more productive. Whatever the particular motivation it is always self-ward. Unredeemed man creates for selfish reasons. His view is myopic and because of this self focus, man’s passion for creating is very strong. Man is ever thinking and scheming to develop something that will bring more meaning and productivity to his life.

Kingdom Creativity

Creativity is one of God’s gifts. This gift is given both to the redeemed and the reprobate. Each is given this gift for the sole purpose of advancing God’s Kingdom. All creative developments are especially offered to the saints so that they may develop various ways to bring the Gospel to the masses and promote a culture that conforms to the Law Word of God. 

The saints must be actively pursuing creative thought. They need to use the creations of the reprobate and turn those creations around to promote God’s Law-Word. What the saints lack is a proactive approach to creativity in how to use all things for the advancing Kingdom. 

The reason for this lackadaisical attitude amounts to more than just laziness, it smacks of rebellion especially in light of what the world has become. What we need are creative strategies to bring the theology and tactics of Christian Evangelism and Christian Reconstruction to the nations starting with our local community. We need to formulate ideas and then bring them into the realm of concrete practicality.


In order for ideas to be solidified into concrete tactics a certain methodology must be developed. 

  1.  Brain storming. In order to initially formulate ideas you need to brainstorm. This usually happens when your mind is not busy with other things.  Leonardo Da Vince made it a practice to take a portion of the day simply to mediate on nothing. During that quite time he would clear his mind so he could think. It was at this time when he was most creative; and creative he was. He then developed those creative thoughts into concrete realities.The Christian must think creatively by asking “How better can I advance the Kingdom?” 

2.  Biblical Stimulation

Reading the historical accounts contained in the Old Testament is probably the best help for stirring the creative juices. Within these accounts the Christian can analyze strategies and tactics of Christian reconstruction which the Kings of Israel and Judah applied to the culture Christ-ward, and transpose them to their particular community.

3.  Historical stimulation

The next area of consideration comes from the history of the medieval age and the age of the Reformation. I mostly look to the societal structure and tactics of Geneva Switzerland during the days of Calvin and Viret, but especially during the days of Beza.

4.  Marketing Tools

I have found that reading certain marketing magazines and books stir the imagination. Whenever an idea interests me I try to assess whether that idea or concept can be used in the quest for Kingdom advancement. If nothing else, these stir the imagination and assists in bring those ideas into concrete formulation.